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    Critical Fact

    The Building consists of two (2) fully redundant Data Halls, each sized at a nominal 10,000 SF on raised access floor.

    The Stream Cofferdam data center is the second of two Stream Data Centers at the West Creek Corporate Campus in Chaska, MN.  The facility was purpose built to be the new central data processing hub for US Bank.  The project will receive $548,000 in tax abatements on equipment purchases and consumed energy over the next 20 years.

    The Building consists of two (2) fully redundant Data Halls, each sized at a nominal 10,000 SF on raised access floor.  Mechanical and electrical critical support galleries and an exterior equipment yard housing chillers and generators are all designed for maximum uninterrupted  service operations.


    Build includes -

    • 40,000 SF of raised access data floor.
    • Medium voltage site power infrastructure for the campus
    • Indirect Evaporative cooling design
    • Three story, 90,000 SF multi-tenant office facility with fitness center and hotel space
    • Eight month construction schedule

      About this Project

      Data Halls 1 and 2 will have an IT load of approximately 1.2 MW each.  The building was master-planned for future construction of two (2) additional data halls each with similar infrastructure to Data Halls 1 and 2.  The building was designed for an annualized PUE of 1.35 utilizing air-cooled chillers with waterside economizers.

      Furthermore, the site was built next to a federal storm water drainage easement containing natural wetlands.  A large retaining wall was constructed around the equipment yard to resolve grading elevations around the site and maintain minimum setbacks from the drainage easements.  The building touts robust Stream building standards including a protective steel grate covering the equipment yard while allowing airflow for the chillers and generators.  A large underground stormwater retainage system provides the calculated onsite volume storage displaced by the building impervious surfaces.


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