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  • Project Development
  • Preconstruction
  • Contractor Procurement
  • Design Management
  • Design Review
  • OFCI Equipment Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • Startup/Commissioning Management
  • Project Closeout

Critical Fact

The project began with (6) 500-ton Cooling Towers and ended with (10) 500-ton Cooling Tower   

Planning and construction of immersion cooling high performance compute facility.  Plant and facility were built on the Skybox Houston campus for a large processing & imaging company servicing the global oil and gas industry through seismic data processing, depth imaging, and other industry specific services.  Project to be completed in two phases:

Phase 1 consisted of initial construction of 17K sf facility and 15K sf Mechanical yard.

  • Yard currently consists of (6) 500-ton Cooling Towers
  • Electrical infrastructure feeding 9MW of power to plant and facility
  • Initial 380 immersion tub deployment.

Phase 2 will see completion of facility providing mechanical and electrical infrastructure improvements allowing expansion.

  • Scope to consist of (4) additional 500-ton Cooling Towers
  • Electrical equipment and underground required to feed additional 6MW of power
  • Increase capacity of the facility by 47% allowing for an additional 342 tubs bringing compute facility to capacity at 722 immersion tubs.

About this Project

At full capacity, 722 tubs, the immersion facility will consume 15 MW of power and be capable of supporting compute speeds up to 250 petaflops ranking as one of the fastest privately-owned computers in the world.

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