We are dedicated to helping guide discussions of what must be included in data centers to meet each and every specific client need.


Critical Project Services, L.L.C. was founded with the goal of providing top quality program management services. Our staff is comprised of licensed professionals that possess the technical ability and experience to completely develop a project or series of projects. The following strategy is employed when developing a program:


Needs Assessment

We work with the client to find out exactly how the facility will operate. An acknowledgement of the facility requirements, including load factors, redundancy requirements, and phasing requirements, will be used to develop the initial program. This will better serve the facility’s overall function which will drive the initial schematic designs.

Design and Preconstruction

CPS will fully vet an architectural and engineering program using industry best practices tailored to the needs of the client. When the initial program is set, which meets the needs and budget of the client, CPS will engage with best-in-class design professionals to produce the necessary documents for permit and construction. We will provide continuous evaluation of the design to make certain that the technical and commercial requirements are met.

Procurement and Construction

Purchase of equipment, and contractors is performed on behalf of the owner through a thorough tendering process to ensure that all technical requirements are met at the best commercial value. Upon completion of procurement, CPS will be the ‘boots on the ground’ for the owner. Continuous oversight of the construction process facilitates the job being completed to the intended scheduled and budget.


During the contraction of a project, a thorough five-level commissioning process is used to confirm that the facility operates to its intent. Only after all systems have been fully commissioned individually and as a whole system, will the project be accepted as complete.

The development of a program that meets all sizing, space, power and environmental needs is able to be created, vetted and implemented on the behalf of the client due to the vast industry knowledge and experience accumulated by Critical Project Services, L.L.C.. As a company, the extensive knowledge in each and every aspect of data center design, development, construction, commissioning and operation allows for the client deliverable to encompass each and every aspect that will be required to effectively and efficiently run, operate and manage the data center.

Program management can be as concentrated or as broad as the client would like in order to either, begin the discussion of data center construction and operation or drive the first step in the direction of potential design. Critical Project Services, L.L.C. is dedicated to helping guide discussions of what must be included in data centers to meet each and every specific client need.
Program management assistance provided by Critical Project Services, L.L.C. allows the client to better visualize and understand their data center needs. By working through programmatic themes, Critical Project Services, L.L.C. aids their clients by being able to provide them the ample knowledge required to reach a suitable building and site design for their data center.

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