Skybox Houston



Design‐Build Manager



  • Program Development
  • Site Selection
  • Design Development
  • OFCI Equipment Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • City—County Coordination
  • IT Integration Management
  • Commissioning Management

Critical Fact

The fit out builds have been completed in less than 16 weeks from the start of construction.

Critical’s role began with site selection actvities with the developer. A site selection matrix that identified and weighed any potential strengths and weaknesses of each site we utilized. The current site was chosen and design development began.

The site was programmed to have two new buildings constructed.  Each building can house approximately
60,000 sf of data hall supported by a total of 62.2 MW of UPS power.

About this Project

Office and ancillary support spaces were programmed to suit the developer’s leasing plan. Critical negotiated power infrastructure agreements with CenterPoint on the client’s behalf. 

Site development began including generous site retention basins and new dedicated 35 KV circuits to support the development. This building was designed to support the high performance computing (HPC) requirement of the Houston oil and gas market while still being commercially viable to a traditional 2N user. By programming the site to allow additional infrastructure to be installed when required by a HPC tenant, the developer maintained their ability to respond to a large variety of tenant needs. The site budget was developed and adhered to while maintaining this flexibility.

The first data hall was complete 8 months after the start of site construction. The fit out builds have been completed in less than 16 weeks from the start of construction.

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