Our team provides a diverse array of services that allows us to transcend industry boundaries and foster a unified project environment.


The selection of a data center site, whether a green-field or retrofit, involves a number of very important factors. Environmental conditions, site access, utility availability, and risk assessments are just a few things to consider when choosing a location for a data center.



At Critical Project Services, L.L.C., we are well versed in assessing existing buildings to be retrofitted into data centers. Converting existing buildings into data centers often brings unique challenges. Our team of professionals will assess every aspect of the commercial and technical process needed to turn the existing building into an operational data center.



Critical Project Services, L.L.C. was founded with the goal of providing top quality program management services. Our staff is comprised of licensed professionals that possess the technical ability and experience to completely develop a project or series of projects.


Individual projects are managed on behalf of an owner to ensure that they meets the technical requirements of a client’s program. Management of the design, procurement, and commissioning are steps that will be taken to verify that the project meets the budget, schedule and quality requirements set forth by the owner’s team. .


A design-build approach uses an integrated delivery approach and requires a skilled team. Critical Project Services, L.L.C. has the right mix of in-house professionals that perform this type of integrated approach seamlessly.


The best practice is using a third-party agent to ensure that a facility operates to the design intent. Being able to independently evaluate a facility is not just part of what we do at Critical Project Services, L.L.C., but something that we have the technical ability to perform at the top level of the industry.


Every project requires reporting that follows strict guidelines and proper budget control. Critical Project Services, L.L.C. understands the diverse reporting process requirements of our clients and can assist in providing the essential service.


Sometimes having an independent procurement agent, with no fees tied to the cost of the equipment, can be a refreshing alternative to the traditional method of having contractors provide equipment.