We approach Project Management with active tenacity.


Individual projects are managed on behalf of an owner to ensure that they meet the technical requirements of a client’s program. Management of the design, procurement, and commissioning are steps that will be taken to verify that the project meets the budget, schedule, and quality requirements set forth by the owner’s team. Our continuous improvement process means that industry best practices are met on every project and that lessons learned from completing projects around the world are implemented. Each project is completed using proven cutting edge technology.

Our approach to at-risk design and construction differs from most in that our fees are fixed at the start of the project. Small changes to the scope are not met with any impact to fees or project general conditions. We will stick to our core values of being the best advocate to the owner so that the most cost-efficient design and construction are implemented.

Critical Project Services, L.L.C. strives to manage projects at higher standards then all of our competitors. The core values that Critical Project Services, L.L.C. embodies, allows for project management based on honesty, integrity and accountability. The ability to have individual team members on site everyday allows for a level of quality control and aesthetic mastery that is unmatched. The diversity of Critical Project Services, L.L.C.’ internal team develops opportunities to have individuals on site that are engrossed with each aspect of design, development, construction, commissioning and operation of the data center. This allows for much tighter projects with issues being identified and addressed earlier, limiting impacts.

With schedule, budget, and quality control in mind, Critical Project Services, L.L.C. analyzes all aspects of the project on a daily basis, reporting back to the owner and the owner’s team real-time data, progress and outlooks, allowing the owner to make educated decisions regarding the project. By approaching project management with an active tenacity, Critical Project Services, L.L.C. is able to stay on top of all issues and potential delays within a project, making it easier to deliver a complete, on time and under budget project on behalf of the client.

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